Destination Dance Competition - Dartford 2018

Fantastic weekend at Destination Dance Competition. First time competing the small lyrical group (Bird Set Free), the Standard Acro group (Cops and Robbers) and the Lyrical Trio also first time competing her new solo for Lottie and first time for James and April’s duet!! Well done to Betsy, Abbie, Tiphaine and Millie as this was also your first ever dance competition and you were fantastic ⭐️👏🏼👏🏼
Results are: 

Jemima - 2nd Place (Tap)

Abbie - Platinum (Contemporary)

Abbie - Gold (Jazz)

Arabella - 4th Place (Tap)

Lottie - 2nd Place (Acro)

James & April - 1st Place

Lulu - Gold Awards (Jazz & Lyrical)

Maria - Platinum (Jazz)

Maria & Lulu - Gold (Jazz Duet)

Darcey - Gold Awards (Ballet, Tap & Jazz)

April - 3rd Place (Ballet)

Cops & Robbers - 1st Place & Platinum Award (Acro Group)

Birds Set Free - Gold (Lyrical Group)

Tiphaine, Camille & Olivia - Gold (Lyrical Trio)

Camille - Gold Awards (Jazz & Lyrical)